Pirate Cemetery

Would you believe our neighboring Island Sainte Marie has the only pirate cemetery in the world.

Ile Aux Natte Lighthouse

Pay a small fee and see a breath taking view of the entire southern reef from the lighthouse 360′ deg balcony.

Reef Snorkeling

At your own leisure you are free to venture out and snorkel the reef around Ile Aux Natte.

Sandbar Excursion

We offer a sand bar excursion where swimming,snorkeling and taking pics of white sand beaches with crystal clear waters is a must.

Restaurant and Beach Bar

Sambatras Beach Restaurant is located slightly back from the beach, where you can enjoy great fresh food produced daily by our local chef, with Malagasy, French and South African influences. Our Bar is located on the beach. Do as the pirates did many years ago and enjoy the local rum, while watching the sunset upon the Indian Ocean.

Mangrove Adventure

Highly recommended to venture around the mangrove forests on Sainte Marie with one of the local guides paddling you around on a dug out wooden pirogue.